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TKG Platform is a great system tailored for the travel industry since we use our travel agency experience as its foundation. We are striving to go a step further and leveraging the ability to evolve with the Third-Party API Integration feature. With this in mind, TKG Platform is designed to be compatible with any APIs, especially the aggregated New Distribution Compatibility (NDC) API (with legacy supported), which lets you access multiple NDC airlines by a single and seamless integration. This enhanced technology will also enable you to plug in more functionalities to the existing platform at your preferences without significant technological investment.

Our API catalog/catalogue serves as a digital library in which all APIs are documented in a consistent format, which facilitates API standardisation for your business. Robust search ability allows quicker navigation of APIs, improving your productivity.

The streamlined API gateway with its monitoring tools helps to manage all your APIs with ease, by having all related information in one place. You can take actions on unauthorised traffic and manage API access to prevent abuse.

It is easier for your business to maintain and utilise all APIs with API standardisation. Furthermore, you can be confident that the same level of security is applied across all your APIs, minimising cyber threats.

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Our Third-party API Integration Features

  • Provide standardisation and flexibility in API Catalog & Documentation
  • Provide a universal API gateway with bookable APIs for all travel products
  • Highly secure and seamless authentication methods with multi-protocols supported
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Benefits Of Having Third-party API Integration

  • Add valuable services to existing platform by extending its shelf-life with the ability to customise and upgrade with APIs
  • Standardise format and security to improve management and ensure seamless experience using all APIs on TKG Platform
  • Optimise management decisions by utilising API usage dashboard
  • Cut cost & time with established APIs instead of developing and integrating in-house



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