TKG Travel App

TKG Travel App

Backed by the extensive 20-year experience in the travel industry, TKG Tech Team has been developing software and apps for the Tweet World Travel Group, one of the leading Australian Wholesaler & Tour Operators, and for the Group's major worldwide travel partners since 2017.
With seamless backend integration in mind, our travel tech experts can develop your custom travel apps using your existing system as the foundation. By utilising the latest Cloud and mobile technologies embedded in our custom mobile apps, your worldwide travel businesses can enjoy an additional channel to not only sell your products but also support your clients anytime, anywhere. We design and tailor Trip Management App and Travel Booking App to your travel business, boosting your client satisfaction, generating more sales, and reducing operational overheads for your travel business.
We design custom mobile travel apps for both iOS and Android devices to suit any of your travel business needs. And we aim to help travel companies establish mobile presence effectively, improving client satisfaction and growing their business. In the custom-built app, your clients can book a variety of travel services including Cruises, Tours, Sightseeing Activities, Flights and Hotels. These services are seamlessly integrated and powered by APIs from leading worldwide travel service providers like Sabre, CroisiEurope, Tweet World Travel, and many more.
Invest in our highly customisable and feature-packed apps today, so your travel business can reap the benefits and prevail in the competitive travel industry landscape. You can see your business profit soar with higher brand awareness, enhanced client satisfaction while keeping track of your business operations and your clients throughout their entire journey as the result of utilising our apps.

Trip Management App

TKG Trip Management App applies the latest technologies for managing travel plans and connecting your travel business with your clients efficiently and effectively on the go to provide the best travel experience.

This app enables any Travel Service Providers to provide quality client service from start to finish while effectively targeting clients to improve sales and raise business profitability.

Your clients can go anywhere with everything they need for their travel in the mobile application while enjoying exclusive perks only available on the app.

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Travel Booking App

TKG Travel Booking App utilises responsive and secure Cloud and mobile technologies to provide seamless user experience in making reservations and manage them effectively. The travel booking app is custom-built and specifically tailored to you, Online Travel Agents and those in the travel industry that want to establish a presence in the mobile space and sell in this trending channel.

Your clients can make a booking 24/7 around the world using any mobile device, while you can manage and provide support for client bookings effectively anytime, anywhere. This intuitive and secure mobile app promotes client trust in your services and higher booking rate with them enjoying the convenience of booking on the go and payment flexibility.

The additional sales channel enabled by the custom-designed mobile app for your travel business will expand your revenue opportunities, effectively increasing your overall revenue.

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