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Backed by 20-year experience in the travel industry, we have developed TKG Platform with a comprehensive Inventory Management System (IMS) to manage your travel inventory effectively. Our IMS is a centralised inventory hub that unifies business, their partners, suppliers and clients in a comprehensive supply-demand ecosystem. Therefore, it lets you take control of your inventory and make the right decisions to meet client needs. With this tool in place, your business can reduce operational expenses and enjoy higher client satisfaction.

This powerful feature runs 24/7, providing you access to manage your inventory anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our Cloud hosting is equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring seamless experience and security for travel agents. It also leverages inventory management process with accurate auto allocation and balancing features in real-time performance.

You can have a quick glance on your inventory levels with inventory snapshot feature and make immediate changes by utilising stock pricing & availability management if needed. Stock pricing management lets you implement dynamic pricing correctly based on market demand, stock levels and ongoing promotions. Additionally, availability management feature helps you quickly and accurately reflect your inventory levels live.

Fully utilising our IMS will allow business to stay ahead of the inventory planning & procurement process, connecting travel distributors such as OTA, DMCs, tour operator with direct suppliers to provide wide-range travel products globally. Additionally, it increases the visibility of your entire inventory, simplifying the booking process for your clients, and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

Our Inventory Management System Features

  • Built-in automated Stock-Transfer function with smart ratio configurations
  • Smart Inventory and stock level alerts faciliated by the automated backend process and allocation rules
  • Smart notifications to suppliers with auto-request supply orders
  • Smart promotional instruments with discounts master rate setting, commisison level setup, priority displaying and expiration controlling
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Benefits Of Having Inventory Management System

  • Increase information transparency You will be able to track and control your travel inventory as it moves from your suppliers to your landing platform and to your distribution channels (partners, clients or other GDS)
  • Increase operational efficiency Manage your product inventory and live availability with multiple advanced pricing schemes and structures
  • Support inventory planning and optimise inventory levels Enable business to efficiently manage product inventory, stock levels as well as accurately refilling stock allocation
  • Provide business an insightful of their entire inventory visibility with decision making facilitation



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