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Effectively handle large group with ease with our stress-free, simplified and intuitive Group Reservation Management System. Our powerful group booking and management system provides supreme flexibility and scalable group sizing capability to manage group reservation all in one place. Improve your operational efficiency as you manage and monitor multiple passengers through one platform, and never miss any group requirement.

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Our Group Reservation Management System Features

  • Built-in Group Booking generator for large-size group bookings
  • Scalable group sizing capability to manage group reservation in one place
  • Simplified and flexible group booking system to manage group with ease
  • Directly linked and synced with Travel CRM & Supplier portal which most up to dated information
  • Automated invoicing supported for massive volume of invoice issuance
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Benefits of having Group Reservation Management System

  • Handle large group with ease and never miss any group requirement
  • Improve booking process efficiency with a streamline workflow to manage group
  • Save time, less stress with the best group management system



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