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While dealing with routine and complex billing processes, you may find the underlying challenges sometimes become unmanageable and extensively time consuming. Our Payment Processing System will lessen those burdens by automating manual financial and accounting processes, includes invoicing, payment collection, outstanding reminders as well as payment updating. Through the single payment platform, your entire quote-to-cash process will be easily managed, well controlled and seamlessly simplified.

Employing a flexible and comprehensive payment rules set, TKG payment system automatically streamlines payment flows to targeted business functions and their clients, providing highest accuracy in terms of financial and accounting information. This also help to eliminate commonly found critical mistakes caused by wrong invoicing information as well as gain more trust from your client when dealing with payment activities.

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Our Payment Processing System Features

  • Provide custom payment rules to drive payment processes suiting from simple to complicated scenarios
  • Smart payment notification, alerts, and reminders for both internal team and external client
  • Auto invoice generating based on custom rules (product types, due dates, and business types)
  • Real-time or scheduled payment processing with multiple flexible options and instant status update
  • Highly secure integrated payment gateways with multiple payment methods and currencies supported
  • Generate accurate financial reports directly linked and synced to Financial and management Dashboard
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Benefits of having Payment Processing System

  • Able to reduce collection cycles minimise revenue loss and boost cash flow
  • Gain more profitable customer relationships by improving their trust with reliable payment processes, timely and accurate invoices
  • Maintain and enhance financial compliances with regional and international standards
  • Improve financial and accounting confidence gain more insightful understanding on your billing documents



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