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An all-in-one solution for tour operators to design and deliver amazing itineraries. Convert online sales, manage tours effectively with centralized CRM and reservation system all in one powerful platform.

With our all-in-one e-Commerce platform, Tour Operators are in full control of their business and operation. Having an intricate itinerary creation and management at its core, this platform empowers tour operators to create travel products effortlessly anytime and anywhere. Automation process allows you to create itineraries and generate travel documents within a few clicks. Make use of a rich built-in copyright media, or upload your own to create an attractive itinerary.

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White Label

Built-in B2B eCommerce Website Feature

  • E-commerce Site with an online booking engine that supports multiple responsive channels
  • Latest search engine technologies to ensure the most relevant contents are returned to the clients in a blink
  • Real-time availability and high accuracy of data feeds
  • Direct supplier booking and supplier collaboration
  • Availability of multiple currencies for travel agents to sell globally
  • No redirection when clients make a booking, simplifying the booking process and generating trust
  • A secured, robust online booking system for the clients to enjoy their online shopping experience
  • Automatic promotion retrieval from our latest offer to eliminate the need for manual update
  • Online clients account management
White Label

A Powerful Dashboard

  • Travel CRM
  • Online Reservation & Payment System
  • Content & Itinerary Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Sales & Purchase Order Management
  • Automated Invoice
  • Financial Management
Our Pricing Plans


For Company looking to step up growth


For companies looking for greater control and insight


Custom to suit your business

Monthly Subscription (AUD) - No lock-in contracts, flexible pricing plans $350 $570 $1,090
Booking Fee 1.5% per online or offline booking
  • Support
    Dedicated Account Manager
    Disputed Payment Support
    24/7 Technical Support
    Unlimited Training
  • Ecommerce Website
    Ecommerce Website Your Branding Your Branding Your Branding
    Responsive Web Design Select existing templates option Select existing templates option Custom to suit your business
    Shopping Cart
    Secure & Robust Online Booking Engines with latest search engine technology
    Accept Mobile and Tablet Bookings
    Online Client Account Management
    Multi-currency Display and Payment
    Online Payment Gateway
    Sell Extras
    Multi-Product Shopping Checkout
    Online Instant Tailor-made Holiday Packages
    Online Flight Booking Engine* Optional Optional Optional
    Online Hotel Booking Engine* Optional Optional Optional
  • Online and Offline Reservations
    Search Function
    Group Reservations and Management System
    Multi Online and Offline Booking Engines
    Automated Invoices
    Payment Processing System
    Channel Management System
    Cancellation, Refund and Credit On Hold System
    Payment Gateway
    Passenger Profiles
    Quality Images
    Files and Documents Cloud-based Storage
    Booking Cloning Function
    Add More Services Function
    History Record and Active Agent Monitoring
    Automated Emails
    Pricing and Profit Margin Management
    Payment Details and Outstanding Payment Reports
    Financial & Commission Management
    Issue Travel Voucher System
    Online Booking API*
  • Travel CRM
    Search Function
    Contact/Company Management
    Add Notes and Track Interaction History
    Email Integration
    SMS Integration
    Passenger Medical/Dietary/Bedding Configuration Record
    Passenger Emergency Contact Record Details
    Documents Management
    Quotes/Bookings Management
    Commission Rate Management
    Workflow Automation (Automate repetitive tasks)
    Deals Management
    Integrate with Mailchimp Custom Newsletter Builder
  • Sales Management System
    Search Function
    All Sales and Invoices
    Deposit Management
    Balance Management
    Payment Reminder System
    Export to Excel
    Integrate with Accounting Software Option*
    Top Product View of the Month
    Site Ranking
    Online Client Login History
    Online Sales Report
    Sales Heatmap
    Sale Statistics
    Browser Engagement
  • Supplier Purchase Order & Management System
    Search Function
    Automated Booking Data Transfer
    Email Integration
    Multi-Order Processing Feature
    Request Quote or Booking Function
    Supply Payment Processing System
    History Record and Agent Action Tracking
    Cancellation, Refund and Credit On Hold System
    Supplier Management System
    Supply Payment Reminder System
    Export to Excel
    Integrate with Accounting Software Option*
    Spend and Transaction Reporting
    Spend Dashboard
    Online Purchase Report
    Supply Portal
    Link and Sync to Supply Portal
  • Pricing and Inventory
    Search Function
    Inventory Control Management
    Pricing Control Management
    Markup Control
    Automated Stock-Transfer Function
    Smart Promotional Instruments
    Import and Export Excel
    Smart Inventory and Stock Level Alerts
    Smart Notifications to Suppliers
    International and Domestic Rates
    API Integration Option*
    API Distribution option*
  • Commission Management
    Search Function
    Commission Management Rate
    Commission Payment Processing System
  • Tour Builder and Packaging System
    Search Function
    Activity and Multi-day Tour Builder System
    Packaging System
    Exclusive and Dedicated Deal Management
    Tour Operation Management
    Tour Logistics Management
    Passenger Management
    Ready to Integrate with Trip Management Apps*
    Product Distribution*
  • Web Content Management System
    Search Function
    Instant Create, Edit, Publishing
    Dynamic Contents Rendered from User Dashboard Configuration
    Automatic Linkage
    Intuitive Indexing, Search and Result Retrieval
    SEO Tools Ready
  • Marketing & Operation Management System
    Built-in Emails
    Built-in SMS
    Business Operation Calendar
    Task Management System
    Engagement Management System
    Custom Newsletter Builder
  • Payment Collection and Finance
    TKG Payment Gateway (Credit Card)
    Electronic Fund Transfer
    Vendor Transfers
    QuickBooks CSV*
  • Unlimited Users and Passenger Online Account
    Unlimited Users and Passenger Online Account
  • TKG Platform Global Distributing*
    TKG Platform Global Distributing* Free of Charge Free of Charge
  • (*) Please contact us for more information



High Security and Stable Performance

...with latest technologies

Real-time Product Availability

...with latest contents

Highly Customised Modules suit any platforms

Multiple Responsive Channels

...with powerful Dashboard

High Accuracy and Fast Delivery

...of data feeds

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