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Financial & Commission Management is an indispensable component of our TKG Platform, which is based on our extensive travel industry experience of over 20 years. This powerful tool is designed to accommodate all financial needs.

The Financial & Commission Management tool lets you access and manage your financial data and operations anytime and anywhere with a secure Cloud host. With payment due-date management for both customers and suppliers, you can follow up with payments effectively. Additionally, pre-built templates for invoice and purchase order (PO) eliminates the risk of missing critical information for payment and management by avoiding manual inputs completely.

You can monitor payments with ease all in one place with this financial & commission management tool. One of its features, payment record, enables higher transparency for financial reporting and credibility building with your suppliers. Furthermore, built-in automatic information retrieval for payment details, booking, and suppliers speeds up the issuance of invoices and purchase orders so you can get your money faster. As a result, B2B Travel Agencies will have the built-in commission management which automates all commission calculation for your agents.

Our Financial & Commission Management Features

  • Receipt Of Payment via multiple payment methods
  • Automated Invoicing with client and agent payment details
  • Automatic Financial & Commission Calculation based on custom master rules
  • Supplier Purchase Order with linkage to each booking
  • Customer & Supplier Payment Management linked and synced from bookings to purchase orders
  • Agent Commission Management with flexible commission structure and live payment status
  • Management Dashboard with essential financial information at a glance
  • Sales P/L Comparison Data exporting between different periods and frequencies
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Benefits Of Having Financial & Commission Management

  • Manage your finance and commission with ease by using a centralised system
  • Never miss out payments from clients or to suppliers again
  • Gain business insights quickly and efficiently from Management Dashboard
  • Demonstrate high level of transparency for financial reporting and credibility building
  • Reduce human errors with the help of automation, improving productivity
  • Improve accounting efficiency & accuracy for both internal teams and external clients



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