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Help grow businesses of any size

TKG Payment Solutions powered by Mint Payments is a complete payment platform that provides a simplified omni-channel payments suites for online, in-store, in-app and beyond for businesses of all sizes.

  • Flexible integration options
  • Streamline and automate payments for both consumers and suppliers.

Make it easier for your customers with a choice of payment solutions TKG Payment Gateway and TKG Pay to suit every business.

  • Reduce fraud and improve online payment conversion
  • Equipped with latest authentication protocols with 3DS2 and Multifactor Authentication.

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White Label

TKG Payment Gateway

Complete payment platform for Online Payment collection from customers and Electronic Fund Transfer to pay suppliers.

  • Customise and brand your check out with seamless customer experience
  • Available in multiple currencies
  • Stunning bookable trip page, no matter if it is individual or a group
  • Security you can count on to help your customers shop confidence with world-class 3DS fraud protection
  • Accept payments anywhere, anytime
  • Less stress with latest technology one on one matching integration
  • Fast and secure payment processing for your suppliers
  • Reliably capture every transaction with powerful APIs integration
White Label


Offers Buy Now Pay Later option for customers and Virtual Credit Card to pay supplier globally securely.

  • Maximise conversion with smart payment plans for your customer
  • Scale and grow revenue
  • Fast and secure to pay your suppliers globally with Virtual Credit Cardtent & Itinerary Management



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