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With Sales & Website Statistics as a core feature built into our platform, you can effectively manage your business anytime and anywhere by applying Business Intelligence the right way. It is a powerful tool to help your business adapt to the changing sales environment and serve your clients better. Based on our extensive experience in the travel industry, this feature is designed to support management’s decision-making with real time analytics from agent’s login records, latest orders and invoicing to sales period statistics. The platform also presents a view of the top products per month, site ranking, usage statistics, browser statistics plus more.

Our built-in sales report and statistics charts offer management a glance into business profitability with total sales, total purchases and total profit figures displayed over the period of your preference. It also creates a snapshot of monthly sales for management to make quick evaluations of business performance, with the ability to break down further into weekly and daily insight. Management can also compare the current year to last year sales performance and identify peak and weak-performing periods.

Our Sales and Website Statistics feature is designed based on the latest Business Intelligence principles and database techniques. Therefore, the performance indicators shown in this feature can deliver meaningful and correct insights to your sales operation and website management. By utilising aggregated data, you can easily identify trends and propose a comprehensive plan for your business effectively. The capability to compare sales performance between multiple periods supports decision-making to ensure the best outcomes for your business.

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Sales & Website Statistics Features

  • Provide insightful on business performance for Sales, Website, used platforms, and ongoing product
  • Agent/Client Login Record business engagement and auditing purpose
  • A comprehensive report set for Inventory, Invoice, Purchase order and production progress
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Benefits Of Having Sales & Website Statistics

  • Identify in-demand destinations and activities to incorporate them into your future product offering
  • Gain access to sales data at different frequencies and periods to customise short-term and long-term plans for your business
  • Monitor agent and client activities on your site to increase customer/clients engagement
  • Reduce human errors and enjoy greater transparency & accountability
  • Optimise your site based on relevant statistics to improve your client reach and retention
  • Know your peak periods for better resource management to improve operational efficiency with better staff allocation and product selection for your clients
  • Identify weak-performing periods and areas to find the causes and draft countermeasures



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