Frequent Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • What does TKG stand for?

    TKG stands for Travel Key Gateway.

  • Which hosting service provider do TKG Platform use?

    TKG Platform uses the hosting service of Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the global market leader in Cloud hosting known for reliability and scalability.

  • How does TKG Platform address cybersecurity risks?

    TKG Platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting. AWS is known for its highest standards in privacy and data security. Additionally, the built-in Role-based Access Control feature of TKG Platform helps minimise the need for administrative and IT support, while ensuring that only authorised users can utilise specific system functions.

  • How does TKG Platform encourage online booking/reservation?

    From booking to payment, your prospective customers can enjoy a seamless experience with checkout progress clearly displayed and site redirection completely removed. Access to a variety of reputable and popular payment methods, ranging from Enett, Credit Card, Bank Transfer to Paypal, builds trust and credibility with your prospective customers while providing them the much needed flexibility.

    Additionally, selling to global customers is not an issue with multiple currencies supported in our payment gateway. Content & Itinerary Management feature allows the customisation of contents and itineraries to suit your business’s branding and appeal to your prospective customers, prompting purchase decisions. Your customers can be more confident in making a booking/reservation online thanks to the real-time transparency in inventory level and pricing.

  • How do I contact TKG?

    You can contact us at


    If you are in Australia

    • Please call 1300 739 652

    If you are from outside Australia

    • Call +61 8 7226 1898
  • How does TKG Platform connect with suppliers in the system?

    The built-in Supplier Management feature of TKG Platform lets you connect with your suppliers effectively with a host of tools. With the supplier contact database from Supplier Management, you can conveniently access all contact details of your suppliers in a few clicks anytime, facilitating communication for better relationships. Additionally, activity records and scheduled task reports are instrumental in coordinating with your suppliers effectively. Your supplier master data are thoroughly integrated with the Travel CRM feature. By simply utilising automatic detail retrieval from the master data, purchase orders (POs) can be issued to the suppliers much quickly without human input errors.

  • What are the functions and benefits of the built-in calendar of TKG Platform?

    Side-by-side comparison of shared calendars
    With side-by-side comparison, the shared calendar function helps you allocate tasks and plan team events in an effective manner without back-and-forth communication with participants to finalise schedule arrangements. 

    Intuitive scheduling tools 
    Built-in scheduling tools allow easy creation and tracking of tasks for designated agents. With task details and progress displayed clearly in the calendar, team members can achieve higher task completion rate and coordination.

    24/7 system & cross-platform availability with automatic syncing
    With Automatic Syncing, any updates you make to your shared calendar sync with your account, as well as the accounts of anyone else involved. The calendar is hosted on the 24/7 system, allowing work around the clock from anywhere. Every team member can access the calendar using different devices with great flexibility.

    The built-in calendar is a powerful support tool to enhance workplace collaboration for your travel business.

  • Does TKG Platform support Third-Party APIs?

    TKG Platform is designed to be compatible with any APIs. This will let you add more functionalities to the existing platform at your preference without investing significantly into the technical side.

    Our API catalog/catalogue serves as a digital library in which all APIs are documented in a consistent format, which facilitates API standardisation for your business. Robust search ability allows quicker navigation of APIs, improving your productivity.

    The streamlined API gateway with its monitoring tools helps to manage all your APIs with ease, by having all related information in one place. You can take actions on unauthorised traffic and manage API access to prevent abuse.

    It is easier for your business to maintain and utilise all APIs with API standardisation. Furthermore, you can be confident that the same level of security is applied across all your APIs, minimising cyber threats.

  • Which information should be put in Demo Request?

    Besides the required inputs for ease of contact, recommended information to provide for tailored demo includes but not limited to:

    • Company type (wholesale agency, tour operator, or travel agent)
    • Target client demographic: for setting multiple currencies
    • Typical business operations/activities: for tailored product features


  • What is TKG Platform and how does it work?

    A Travel Tech Platform designed by travel agents for travel agents

    TKG, also known as Travel Key Gateway, Platform is owned by the Tweet World Travel group. We hope to share our successes and help your travel companies with the right travel tech solutions. Therefore, we have developed TKG Platform based on our 20 years leading in the travel industry. With this platform, any travel agent can sell online to every corner of the world with ease.

    Tailored services

    Our all-in-one platform is a ready built E-commerce website with multiple responsive channels online booking engine. You also enjoy access to the carefully refined service products of Tweet World Travel including River Cruises, Tours, Activities, Flights and Hotels which are ready to be sold right away to your clients. Our comprehensive platform features automation of the entire travel booking process and management in one place.

    24/7 secure operation & continuous support

    Clients/agents can create and manage booking online at any time, anywhere and on any device. The built-in role-based access control helps verify users and repel data breaches, which together with our secure Cloud host protects you online.

    You can find the answers to most common questions about TKG Platform in our FAQs page. Reach out to us anytime with your questions by phone, 1300 739 652 if you are in Australia or +61 8 7226 1898 if you are outside Australia. You can also contact us via email

  • What are the key benefits of Travel CRM?

    Better business relationships

    Travel CRM helps businesses understand their clients and suppliers on a deeper level. With all the interactions recorded, you can effectively identify problems to solve for your clients and suppliers. This powerful tool facilitates better communication and coordination with your suppliers, agents, and clients, consistently promoting exceptional customer service at all levels.

    Increased business productivity

    Manual operations like contact detail retrieval and typing can be automated or eliminated completely with the Travel CRM. The free up time can be reserved for other critical business operations and selling to clients, generating more revenue. With our Travel CRM tool running 24/7, you are just a few clicks away from accessing your business contacts and managing activities required for your clients, agents, and suppliers. It also lets you manage all your bookings, related promotions, deals, payments from customers and to suppliers, as well as travel documents for your clients with ease.

  • How do you ensure data consistency and accuracy in all records updated by different departments?

    Travel Customer Relationship Management (Travel CRM) is a core built-in component of our TKG Platform. This powerful tool, hosted on secure Cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables you to manage your business conveniently all in one place. This reputable service provider is known for its highest standards in not only cybersecurity but also reliability and scalability.

    Travel CRM It is also closely linked with Master Data to ensure accurate and up-to-date information is reflected and utilised across Travel CRM functions.

  • Is your payment system secure? What payment methods are available?

    The payment gateway integrated in our platform provides the highest level of protection against fraud for your clients. Its chargeback scheme allows the quick return of client money. The payment gateway lets your clients pay whenever, wherever and however they want with its 99% uptime guarantee and support for multiple currencies. Your client can either pay by using Enett, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and Paypal.



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