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The innovative Refund, Cancellation and Credit On Hold system brings transparency and coherency into the complicated refund/cancellation process. Eliminating the manual process, travel businesses can now cross-check payment and execute refund/cancellation with precision and speed. Enjoy a simpler, more intuitive refund and credit procedure with all your customers and suppliers with the built-in accounting processing system.

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Our Innovative Refund, Cancellation and Credit on Hold System Features

  • Built-in Accounting process brings a consistent and transparent flow of financial information
  • Refund & Credit On Hold system enhances precision and clarity to the complicated refund/cancellation process
  • Automation process eliminates manual processes and human errors
  • Integrated smart calculator to update all complex refunding scenarios instantly
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Benefits of having Innovative Refund, Cancellation and Credit on Hold System

  • Gain customer trust by executing correct refund and cancellation fees
  • Streamline workflow with automation process and avoid human errors
  • Enjoy business transparency with a simplified refund/cancellation process
  • Completely eliminate paperwork and increase customer confidence when dealing with Refund/Cancellation process



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