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  • A dashboard with pre-built fields to easily publish contents/media on the website
  • Designed with user-friendly interface and years of user experience studies
  • Contents can be live instantly through a simple publishing action
  • Run on the most secured and protected Cloud technologies for the best performance
  • Integrate a comrehensive instrument set for content editor such as fonts, styles and many layout template options to choose from
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Our Web Content Management System (WCMS) Features

  • Comprehensive Built-in Web Content Management System (WCMS) for all product types and itineraries
  • Instant Publishing: Upload and deliver correct and complete information with real-time delivery performance
  • Instant Revision: enable digital content and media material to be edited and updated after publication, with changes tracking feature
  • Intuitive indexing, search and retrieval of all digital contents and relevant data with instant search function
  • Automatic linkage to all product subcategories master data.
  • Drill into the detail of each products description and packages with pre-built fields, such as inclusions, highlights, summary, trip duration and so on
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Benefits of having a Web Content Management System (WCMS)

  • Empower user's creativeness to create contents and add products in an intuitive and streamlined user experience
  • Completely eliminates paperwork in the content/products generating process, putting an end to the manual chaos
  • Gain an advantage with the contents and mediaGain an advantage with the contents and media in today's dynamic and competitive global marketplace
  • Easy to scale: provide the ability to scale up and extend web page size, complexity and volume of contents as business grows



High Security and Stable Performance

...with latest technologies

Real-time Product Availability

...with latest contents

Highly Customised Modules suit any platforms

Multiple Responsive Channels

...with powerful Dashboard

High Accuracy and Fast Delivery

...of data feeds

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