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Travel service providers, such as Wholesalers, Destination Management Companies (DMCs), Tour Operators and Retail Travel Agents/Agencies can effectively track and assist your clients, providing timely assistance around the clock and from anywhere within the custom Trip Management App tailored to your needs.
This custom mobile application, available both on Apple Store and Google Play, is a helpful support tool tailored to you to connect with your clients and support them at every step of their journey, ensuring exceptional service and amazing experience. Additionally, its review feature provides you with marketing materials to promote your brand as well as opportunities to improve your service level and product offerings.
For expectant travellers who are your clients, they can travel the world without worries with your custom-built Trip Management App designed by TKG tech experts. It is every traveller’s best friend that gives them access to all travel and personal documents essential for their upcoming trip. This digital access removes the burden of bringing a stack of documents with them every time when they go out. They can also trace the contact details of their tour guides or service suppliers to seek immediate support.
TKG Trip Management App applies the latest technologies for managing travel plans and connecting you, travel service providers, with your clients efficiently and effectively on the go to provide the best travel experience. Our panoramic app, tailored for service providers and clients alike, has these main features:
  • Itinerary Management with day-to-day activities listed out in details
  • Last-minute Push Notification to keep travellers up to date with any change as soon as possible
  • Review Management for travellers to submit the reviews of their trips timely and conveniently
  • Trip Photo Management with the ability to share on social media
  • Profile Management to control your contact details and personal documents required for travel
With these powerful tools at fingertips and seamless integration with service providers' backend system, our custom mobile Trip Management App empowers both travel service providers and clients to manage trips, support, and contact each other with ease regardless of location and time using any mobile devices.


This TKG Trip Management App is responsive across both iOS and Android platforms to be compatible with any mobile device. The App enables better travel consulting, planning and experience for both you, travel service providers, and your clients. TKG Trip Management App features include:

  • Mobile Compatibility to download from either Apple Store or Google and use on iOS and Android devices
  • Itinerary Management to stay organised and save time, effectively keeping track of planned accommodation, transportation, and activities daily and throughout the whole trip
  • Trip Photo Management to capture beautiful photos and attach them not only to individual trips but also down to individual days. By the end of the trip, after the submission of review and rating clients can enjoy access to digital trip diary to recap the entire journey with memorable experiences.
  • Contact Management to keep in touch with travel service providers (E.g., hotels, airlines, tours, tour guides, your service providers, etc.)
  • Weather & Map Integration to get on top of current weather and utilise geolocation services
  • Review Management to capture every review and rating for individual travel products submitted by your clients
  • Profile Management to store and maintain the details of your clients, their digital travel documents and vouchers as well as their health and safety information (dietary requirements & emergency contact)
  • Social Media Sharing to share photos across social platforms in a few simple steps
  • Travel Alert from Credible Sources to inform your clients of latest information and advice (E.g., COVID-19 announcement, unstable political landscape, crime, etc.) to comply with relevant government requirements and stay safe overseas


For Travel Service Providers

Quality client service does not simply stop when you successfully sell your travel products. With a custom TKG Trip Management App, you can virtually accompany your clients along their journey, providing timely assistance as well as automatically providing access to detailed travel documents and itinerary. You can target such clients with exclusive discounts to encourage client retention while raising your profitability with reduced overheads and improved services. TKG Trip Management App effectively support travel service providers with, including without limitation:

  • Accurate tracking of client location and activities for quick emergency response, providing the right direction and relevant recommendations
  • Increased client satisfaction with a custom, comprehensive and intuitive mobile Trip Management App, timely assistance, and an outlet for client feedbacks
  • Improved services by taking the right actions on client feedbacks and providing instructions or recommendations based on map location
  • Enhanced customer loyalty with improved services, ease of contact, and exclusive discount
  • Strengthened brand reputation with Trip Management App providing an additional touchpoint with clients for travel service providers, client testimonials, and social media sharing function
  • Streamlined client service and reduction of unnecessary overheads by removing back-and-forth communication with everything your clients need synchronised from TKG Platform in the TKG Trip Management App
  • Seamless communication with clients by having an instant communication channel in the app and the ability to issue last-minute notifications

For Clients

When your clients are on their travel, there is a lot to remember, including but not limited to the timing and destinations, as well as travel documents essential for your travel and so much more. With TKG Travel App, you can go anywhere with everything you need for your travel in the mobile application while enjoying exclusive perks available to users of our mobile applications including but not limited to:

  • Flexibility on the go with the ability to access from any mobile device and partial offline capability
  • Not missing out on any latest change to your trip with Last-minute Push notification anytime, anywhere
  • Social media sharing to boast about amazing travel experience in your social circles and share with your loved ones
  • Instant access to all necessary travel documents in your profile
  • Ease of contact with booking, itinerary, and contact person/party details available in one application
  • Exclusive trip diary to recap traveller’s entire trip experience after review submission
  • Exclusive loyalty discount to book more dream trips



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