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Your custom Travel Booking App is designed for both iOS and Android platforms, enabling mobile travel booking/reservation for clients from any corner of the world 24/7. Additionally, this mobile is made to order, matching the branding and requirements of each client, i.e., an Online Travel Agent (OTA) or those in the travel industry that want to explore the mobile space , to promote your brand awareness, provide an effective additional sales channel, and enhance customer loyalty with personalised deals and intuitive mobile user experience.
For expectant travellers who are your clients, they can book/make a reservation around the clock from anywhere with our Travel Booking App using a phone. It is an intuitive booking support tool that gives them access to and payment flexibility for all your travel service products. This app eliminates the need to sit down and make a booking via a traditional computer or book through direct meeting with a travel consultant in a store. Travel service providers can provide immediate booking support directly within the app.
TKG Travel Booking App utilises responsive and secure Cloud and mobile technologies to provide seamless user experience in booking/making reservations for clients and effective booking/reservation management for Travel Service Providers. Our custom-built and feature-packed app have these main features:
  • Comprehensive Travel Search Engine for clients to search for and navigate travel products with ease
  • In-app communication for convenient and easy interaction between clients and travel service providers with both messaging and live support available
  • Live Availability to reflect inventory level in real-time and support booking
  • Secure Payment Gateway to generate client trust, leading to high customer loyalty and increased number of bookings/reservations
  • User-friendly Mobile Interface to improve user experience which leads to increased client engagement & retention as well as enhanced booking productivity, improving your revenue
  • Reputable Global Distribution System Integration to provide the largest and reliable selection of hotels, flights, tours, cruises, and activities
With these latest, powerful and intuitive technology in the custom-built Travel Booking App, both Travel Service Providers and their clients can enjoy higher productivity, seamless user experience, and effortless booking/reservation management using any mobile device.


This TKG Travel Booking App is tailored for OTAs & those interested in establishing a mobile presence and is responsive across both iOS and Android platforms. The App enables seamless and secure mobile travel reservation/booking for clients and its management for Travel Service Providers. TKG Travel Booking App features include:

  • Sabre Hotel & Flight & API Integration, the largest global distribution systems provider for hotels and flights, with access to more than 42,000 hotels worldwide and huge selection of flights from global airlines
  • Tweet World Travel API for Tours, Sightseeing Activities, and Cruises (in partnership with CroisiEurope) to stay organised and save time, effectively keeping track of planned accommodation, transportation, and activities daily and throughout the whole trip
  • Simple & Convenient Communication with messaging and live support
  • Client Account Management to personalised experience and provide exclusive deals
  • Latest & Robust Search Engine Technologies with intuitive filters to ensure the most relevant travel service products are returned to the clients in a blink
  • Promotion Management to encourage sales
  • Multiple Currencies to support global travel booking
  • Multiple Payment Method to provide payment flexibility
  • Mobile Compatibility to allow seamless experience in searching
  • Robust & Secure Mobile Booking System for the clients to enjoy their online shopping experience
  • Custom Mobile Application based on Travel Service Provider’s branding and requirements
  • Automated Product Recommendation enabled by artificial intelligence
  • Real-time Availability to record every transaction and integrate with inventory management system
  • Integration with Travel Service Provider’s backend system to ensure consistent information and effective supply chain management


People, especially the younger generation, are becoming more and more reliant on mobile digital devices to do everything, including shopping, online. This presents a big potential for OTAs and travel service providers interested in having mobile as an additional sales channel to cater to mobile consumers with the ability to book/make a reservation with a phone.

You will enjoy higher client satisfaction with an intuitive, secure, and custom-made, mobile responsive Travel Booking App that is tailored to your needs. This made-to-order app enables mobile booking/reservation for your clients anywhere, anytime, and seamless management as well as integration with your backend system. Furthermore, this additional sales channel enabled by the custom Travel Booking App let you enjoy better operational efficiency, higher brand awareness, and increased revenue.

For Travel Service Providers

Quality client service does not simply stop when you successfully sell your travel products. With TKG Travel App, you can virtually accompany your clients along their journey, providing timely assistance as well as automatically providing access to detailed travel documents and itinerary. You can target such clients with exclusive discounts to encourage client retention while raising your profitability with reduced overheads and improved services. TKG Travel App effectively support travel service providers with, including without limitation:

  • Generate revenue with additional sales channel anywhere, anytime, with any mobile device
  • Higher client satisfaction with user-friendly & one-stop shop app for the clients
  • Efficient on-demand support with access to client and trip details to provide quick and accurate responses by communication within the app
  • Promote your brand with custom mobile app, exclusive deals
  • Improve customer loyalty to boost your profit by increased sales to loyal customer base
  • Target the right audience from the Travel Booking App to increase sales, effectively generating higher return on investment

For Clients

When you travel, there is a lot to remember, including but not limited to the timing and destinations, as well as travel documents essential for your travel and so much more. With TKG Travel App, you can go anywhere with everything you need for your travel in the mobile application while enjoying exclusive perks available to users of our mobile applications including but not limited to:

  • Access a one-stop shop travel booking app with the ability to select, book, and pay for travel services in a few simple actions on mobile devices while receiving support directly within the app
  • Receive support 24/7 to plan for trips effectively
  • Navigate and book with ease with latest search technologies the ability to make reservation anytime, anywhere, with any mobile devices
  • Enjoy enhanced and personalised mobile experience with automatic suggestion enabled by artificial intelligence



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