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Our built-in Automated Invoice & Travel Documentation tool allows agents to create and send invoices and travel documents conveniently in a secure online environment while managing all your accounting needs in one place. It also tracks overdue invoices to reconcile late payments with ease.

With TKG Platform you can stay organised and issue invoices/travel documents directly from the booking/reservation record. Simply fill out some information on the ready-made template of invoices and travel documents, and the system will generate the rest of the document for you in a few clicks.

Our Cloud-based invoice management system features automatic reminders for agents to manage their clients' payment status. You can run time-based reports to get a snapshot of those who have made payments on time and those who are due for payments. With such detailed record-keeping, it’s simple to acquire the necessary information should your accountants or the authorities request.


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Our Automated Invoice & Travel Documentation Features

  • 24/7 Online System to manage invoices and travel documents around the clock
  • Ready-made Invoice/ Travel Templates with well-structured and clear layouts
  • Highly customised Invoice/Travel Document templates to strengthen branding
  • Automatic Financial & Commission Calculation connected directly from CRM and Reservation systems
  • Payment Due Date & Status with live information
  • Travel Voucher & Document Generator which can be automatically sent to clients
  • Invoice Issuance & Record based on customer types and document statuses
  • Ability To View Online, Send and Download Invoices or Travel Documents in one place with simple clicks
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Benefits Of Having Automated Invoice & Travel Documentation

  • Save time in managing invoice and travel documents with simplified process thanks to ready-made templates, increasing productivity
  • Increase operation efficiency with automatic itinerary generator
  • Issue and edit invoices and travel documents conveniently at any time, from anywhere, with any device
  • Optimise invoicing with automatic information retrieval
  • Have a complete control of your business with full management of financial aspects for each booking/reservation
  • Reduce administration overheads with centralised data all in one place
  • Improve client satisfaction by providing detailed and accurate travel documents



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