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Leveraging our over 20 years of experience leading in the travel industry, we have incorporated Agent & Supplier Management tool into TKG Platform to help you fully manage your agents and suppliers. This tool provides a centralised storage location to store and utilise accurate agent and supplier information across the platform effectively. It is also equipped with access-based control to help verify users and repel data breaches, which together with our secure Cloud host protects you online.

With Agent & Supplier Management tool running on secure Cloud, you can conveniently access the contact details of your agents and suppliers in a few clicks anytime, facilitating communication for better relationships. Additionally, activity records and scheduled task reports are instrumental in the management of your agents and suppliers since those features let you coordinate with them effectively.

Your agent and supplier master data are thoroughly integrated with CRM function. By simply utilising automatic detail retrieval from the master data in our tool, your bookings/reservations and purchase orders (POs) can be processed much quickly without human input errors. Furthermore, your productivity is boosted further with agent payment accelerated by the built-in automatic commission calculation.

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Our Agent & Supplier Management Features

  • Built-in Agent/Supplier Contact Database with a simple login process
  • Agent Financial Payment Details incorporated with accounting and payment system
  • Agent Commission Structure Management with automatic commission calculation
  • Supplier Detail Retrieval from transactional purchase orders
  • Agent/Supplier Master Data and supplier Inventory management with live synchronisation
  • Role-based Access Control to add new roles and assign tailored permission level for each
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Benefits Of Having Agent & Supplier Management

  • Facilitate communication with your agents and suppliers by having the latest contact information, maintaining good relationship
  • Accelerate the payment process for your agents by utilising Agent Financial Payment Details, improving their productivity
  • Save time with the built-in automatic commission calculation enabled for your agents
  • Reduce human input errors and raise operational efficiency with automatic detail retrieval for booking and PO
  • Enhance relationship management and coordination with your agents and suppliers
  • Provide higher transparency for agents and suppliers to facilitate better and tailored management decisions
  • Unify data sources with automatic linkage to CRM to have consistent data quality, ensuring that only accurate information is reflected
  • Improve operational efficiency by minimising the need for administrative and IT support with Role-based Access Control
  • Add an extra layer of security for your business with Role-based Access Control to prevent illegitimate access and misuse of data



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