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The built-in Content & Itinerary Management tool in our platform provides travel agents with the ease of managing your website contents and itineraries all in one place online. We have a host of features ranging from Intuitive Dashboard, Pre-made Templates, Publishing Control, to Content Staging, ensuring the most convenient content creation and customisation.

Website Content Management enables you to create and manage your website at your fingertips. A range of design templates is available to choose from, with many themes to suit your branding. You can also take advantage of the rich copyright-protected media available on our platform or add your own media. The ability to integrate third-party contents freely empowers you to have complete control of your contents.

The comprehensive Itinerary Management allows travel agents to easily create, design and modify travel itineraries. The pre-built fields ensure that all travel-related information will be provided such as inclusions, highlights, summary, trip duration plus more. Agents can send itineraries to clients conveniently with just one click. Clients can access them online or download printable versions at any time using unique tour codes. You can freely utilise the built-in SEO Content Management to best optimise your site for search engines both before and after your contents and itineraries are published.

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Our Content & Itinerary Management Features

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Site Publishing Tools & Control
  • Built-in SEO Content Management
  • Media Management
  • Pre-made Templates
  • Content Staging with workability of different content sections
  • Convenient Itinerary Sharing
  • Mobile Optimisation
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Benefits Of Having Content & Itinerary Management

  • Manage itineraries and site contents anytime, anywhere and with any device
  • Save travel agents time by managing site contents with ease in one place
  • Tap into clients’ emotions with appealing media contents to prompt more purchases
  • Offer clients convenience with access to view their itineraries online to boost your client satisfaction



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